Board of Public Works

Members serve 4-year terms and meet the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM

Mayor, Mark Blask

Vice President, Jim Kaufman

Secretary, Kira M. Miller




NOVEMBER 13, 2017 – NOVEMBER 17, 2017


The City of Little Falls will hold an ELECTRONICS products pick-up week of NOVEMBER 13, 2017 – NOVEMBER 17, 2017.  The purpose of which is to enable residents to dispose of metal/ electronics products that are not included in the City trash pick-up.  THE PROGRAM WILL NOT INCLUDE HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE PRODUCTS, i.e., paint, motor oil, chemicals, pesticides, florescent light bulbs. The pick-up will include electronics products, i.e., computers, monitors, TVs, CDs, DVDs, VCRs and other electronic scrap products.  PLACE ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS IN SEPARATE PILES! THESE ITEMS WILL ALL BE RECYCLED!


NOV. 13, 2017 (MONDAY)                                                                                            NOV. 14, 2017 (TUESDAY)

Loomis Street                                                                                                                    Diamond Street

Burwell Street to Salisbury Street                                                                            Lewis Street area

Manheim Street area                                                                                                    West Monroe Street

John Street to Hancock Street areas                                                                       Church Street


NOV. 15, 2017 (WEDNESDAY)                                                                                     NOV. 16, 2017 (THURSDAY)

Albany Street                                                                                                                    Furnace to Church Street

Salisbury Street to Ann Street                                                                                   W. Main Street

E. Monroe Street to Golf Course


NOV. 17, 2017 (Friday)

All of South Side

Canal Place

Entire City


NO private companies/individuals will be allowed to collect these articles in the City during this City-sponsored event.  ONLY CITY EMPLOYEES, IN CITY VEHICLES WILL BE PERMITTED!




·         Answering Machine

·         Computer Cords & Cables (All)

·         Battery Chargers                                

·         Desktop & Large Floor copiers

·         Calculators                                           

·         DVD, Blu-Ray, & VCR Players

·         Camcorders & Video Equip.             

·         Electronic Gaming Systems

·         Cash Registers                                     

·         Electric Fans

·         Cassette Tape Players                        

·         Extension Cords

·         CD Players                                            

·         Fax Machines

·         Computers (CPU, Laptop, Tablets)  

·         Fish Locators

·         Computer Hardware                         

·         GPS Devices

·         Computer Monitors                           

·         Holiday Lights

·         Computer Keyboards                        

·         Printers

·         Computer Mice                                   

·         Printer & Toner Cartridges

·         Computer Scanners                           

·         Paper Shredders

·         Computer Speakers                           

·         Projectors (Video & Film)

·         Radios                                                   

·         Record Players

·         Remote Controls                                

·         Sewing Machines

·         Small Kitchen Appliances                  

·         Stereos

·         Telephones & Cellular Phones         

·         Television Sets

·         Two-Way Radios                                 

·         Typewriters & Word Processors