Statement from the Chief


Statement from the Chief

Being a Law Enforcement Professional in a small community provides many advantages and just as many challenges. In a small, tight knit community like Little Falls, it is commonplace to know the people you deal with daily. Our agency takes this as an advantage and having a great relationship with the community we protect serves all of us well. Treating each other with respect and dignity allows us to continue this relationship. It is this approach that allows the City of Little Falls to remain one of the safest places to live in New York State.

The City of Little Falls Police Department has been getting many complaints and feedback from concerned residents about the dangerous operation of motorized bicycles.  These bicycles are regular bikes as we know them with the added power of a small gasoline engine which helps propel the bike beyond speeds acceptable for safe operation.


Further, several operators insist on riding in violation of our City Code and State Law.  Violators are often observed operating on sidewalks in dangerous proximity to pedestrians entering or exiting stores, establishments and residences.  Those that operate on the roadway have routinely disobeyed traffic control devices, failed to signal, operate in the wrong direction or the wrong side of the roadway.


Beginning May 1st, 2023, the city police department will be actively looking to curtail the illegal operation of these machines by intervention and subsequent enforcement of applicable ordinances and/or laws.  The seizure of the machine will likely occur and the operator, or parents of the juveniles as the case may be, will likely pay the cost of removal of the bikes, along with any tickets that will be issued.


If you have questions, you are encouraged to speak to an officer at the Police Department.