Urban Renewal News & Announcements

Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency Board

  • Mayor Mark Blask, Chairman
  • Justin Welyczko, Council Member
  • Laura Powers
  • Stan Dickson

Mark Feane

315-574-5252 (fax)

email: mfeane@cityoflittlefalls.net

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.


The Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency was established by a special act of the Legislature of the State of New York in 1963. Funding for urban renewal activities is obtained from Federal, State, and local resources, through the City of Little Falls. The URA acts as an agent of the City in carrying out its urban renewal activities and traditionally operates programs designed to prevent or eliminate blight and deterioration in the City of Little Falls through the provision of grants and loans. Such programs include:

  • City-wide Housing Rehabilitation
  • Economic Development
  • Waterfront Revitalization
  • Facade Improvements
  • Downtown Investment Program
  • Center City Revitalization

Regular Monthly Meetings: The Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency meets monthly on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:00am. in the Urban Renewal Conference Room, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 659 E. Main Street, Little Falls, New York. *Meeting dates may be subject to change during construction season.

Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called as needed and appropriate. The Chairman (Mayor) or the President may call a special meeting of the Agency when he or she deems necessary or upon the request of any member of the Agency, with due notice.

Notices: Notice of all meetings are issued to members and posted in the local newspaper to keep the Public informed.

Open Meetings: All meetings are open to the general public - except when the board convenes to Executive Session.

Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency Mission Statement:
To provide low cost funding to homeowners and businesses that will eliminate and prevent blight while preserving the architectural integrity and beauty of the City of Little Falls. Through redevelopment, revitalization and rehabilitation, the Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency (LFURA) will encourage job retention and job creation. Through the proper use of grants and loans, the LFURA will encourage our City homeowners to maintain and improve their properties. Through sound operating practices, the LFURA will ensure the proper use of all assets consistent with mandated Federal and State requirements. Through careful and transparent consideration and execution, the LFURA will ensure that all funds disbursed will contribute to making Little Falls an appealing city in which to live and work.

Date Adopted: March 22, 2010

The Agency is also responsible for the day-to-day administration of two revolving loan programs:

The Little Falls Housing Rehabilitation Loan Fund, which provides loans to low income and very low income owners and owners of rental properties who provide housing for low income and very low income renters.

The Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund, which provides loans to businesses at below market interest rates to facilitate project implementation.

All projects must meet one of two basic national objectives:

Benefit low and moderate income persons; or eliminate a slum or blighting condition.


www.mvcaa.com Mohawk Valley Community Action - HOUSING ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS: Herkimer County 315.894.8294.
HEAP: Home Energy Assistance Program Herkimer County 315.867.1370. For those under age 60, please call DSS at 867-1220.